B. Toys: Brand Awesomeness

Before I was a mom, I went to college and got a degree in Marketing. I worked in event planning for a couple of years and then had my babies. The fact that I have marketing so ingrained in my head and that I also have a graphic designer for a husband makes me a huge sucker for good branding. So I was delighted to see the new* line of B. toys at Target when I was shopping for my girls’ Easter baskets the other day. The colors are gorgeous. The toys are awesome. The B. brand is whimsical and just beautiful. I was sold. I picked up the Sugar Chute (pictured) for my youngest. When I was putting their baskets together last night, I couldn’t help myself. I opened it up and my husband and I played. It was the right thing to do. We had to test out…make sure all parts were in working order, you know. After we were certain the Sugar Chute was in perfect condition, we perused the packaging and additional marketing accouterments that came with the toy. Inside was a little book with different B.’s, i.e. B. True, B. You, B. Confident. Paired with the B.’s were quotes from young kids. For example on the B. Warm page, there is a quote from Nolan (4), “I wish I had a small sweatshirt for my face.” How cute is that?! (You can even submit some of your little ones kids-isms and they might even use them in an upcoming marketing item. Look for the entry form on the website). Even the little book is pretty. I want to keep it and indulge in its graphic design beauty on a semi-regular basis. That, my friends, is smart marketing.

A few other awesome things about the B. brand:

  • They have partnered with Free the Children. Ten cents of every purchase goes to the organization.
  • They are all about recycling. The packaging (even the plastic) is made from recycled items.
  • They use soy-based, environmentally friendly inks.
  • The toys are phthalate free.
  • Many of the toys do not require batteries like the Sugar Chute and the Zany Zoo.
  • They are wallet friendly. The Sugar Chute was right around $15, a steal in my book.

*It’s deceiving to say this line is totally new. It actually used to be the Parents brand. I’m not sure what happened or who bought who or if they just switched the brand, but the toys all seem to be the same with new colors and packaging. We purchased the Zany Zoo two years ago for our oldest daughter and it looks to be exactly the same with different, less baby-like colors. And just for the record, this toy is still a HUGE hit in our house with both our 9-month old and our almost 3-year old.

UPDATE: Hey look what I found? B. Toys has a Facebook page.

– Abbi



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2 responses to “B. Toys: Brand Awesomeness

  1. Do you mind if I use an excerpt of this for an article I am writing?

  2. Go for it, Darnell :).

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